💥 John Giddings – Isle of Wight Festival💥:

‘Welcome to the new member of the kitchen sessions – great voice !! Hannah Clive…’ – John Giddings (Isle of Wight Festival, UK)

💥Gary Crowley (DJ) – BBC Introducing in London💥:

“We’ve played that young lady before here on BBC Introducing in London – a relatively new song from Hannah Clive ‘Remember to Breathe’…she comes from an arts background – she’s the daughter of the talented tv and film actor John Clive and its songs like that, that are making her a lot friends not just here in the UK but across the world…” – Gary Crowley. 2017
“How impressive is that! My producer Ollie nodding along approvingly there and why wouldn’t you, it sounds so accomplished! New music from the very talented singer and songwriter Hannah Clive, terrific stuff there. Her influences – well you won’t be surprised to learn –  a roll call of the greats…if you want to find out more about Hannah and hear more samples of this talented lady’s music visit her website or we’ll tell you more…we’d love to know what you think of Hannah…” – Gary Crowley. 2017

 💥Gaby Roslin (DJ) – BBC Radio London💥:

“Everyone keeps saying you are the nicest person…I think you actually are the nicest person Hannah…you really are.  I listened to your stuff and its beautiful. You couldn’t be nicer if you tried, on Twitter, the support you’ve had is incredible… you’ve sung with some incredible people, Ray Charles… wow!” – Gaby Roslin. 2017

 💥Music Interview Magazine (Review) – New York💥:

“An influential voice has emerged on the British indie music scene and her name is Hannah Clive…seriously is this a contender for song of the year? Hannah Clive’s REMEMBER TO BREATHE about encouragement, advice and compassion” MIM. 2017

💥Candice Marshall – Starlight Music Chronicles💥:

“Guys, I love this lady. Not even joking. She is not only uber talented, she is the most grateful and gracious Artist Starlight Music Chronicles has encountered. There’s just something about those Brits…..🇬🇧 ❤️⚡️
“P.S. I lost count on how many tweets, retweet, tags, etc etc etc there’s been! This will be interesting when we go into the 2017 Artist of the Year competition! Wowza!”

 💥Ghostly Beard (Reviewer/ Music Artist) – Music Talks💥:

“A cross of soul and country and rock, as if Dolly Parton had a child with Marvin Gaye and the result was the new Janis Joplin” Beard,G. MusicTalks. 2017

💥Ally’s Attic Show (Interview) – Canada💥:

“Hannah Clive is not only an accomplished singer songwriter, she is an advocate for the indie music scene. Her songs are beautiful and personal. A woman who juggles all kinds of things seamlessly and makes it work beautifully…and remembers to breathe. I could have talked  to her for hours!” Ally’s Attic. 2018

💥Alex Hulme – fellow musician (BBC Introducing) and ‘rising star’ – Janice long💥

“Huge love to Hannah Clive (singer/songwriter) for the lovely post and share! Hannah is someone who I met on Twitter of all places and its been amazing to meet a fellow musician who is so so supportive of other people’s talent, it’s a rare thing. Go check her out she’s great!…” Hulme, A. 2017
 💥ON AIR : NEW Remaster of ‘Fire’💥 Further Radio ☞ Radio Wigwam
HANNAH CLIVE has established herself as a highly adept singer/songwriter. Her compositions are honest, soul-searching and emotionally charged pieces, where she is often open about her own personal frailties. Among the songwriters she most admires (and to some degree looks to emulate) are Carole King and Kate Bush…
(Radio Wigwam, 2016) Radio Wigwam

#‎HCHQ‬ 💥Interview Reactions💥

“Great interview Hannah! Love your background in music/entertainment and your inspiring heart & words for artists everywhere 😊…”
US Artist Arika Kane – #1 Best Seller in R&B and #1 Best Selling U.S. R&B Album 2015


💥Stunning New Interview & Review of Hannah by Respected US Indie Music Journalist Rebecca Singer:💥


Writes US indie journalist and legendary Tweeter Rebecca Singer following her recent interview with Hannah,  published 27th June 2016.
READ BETWEEN THE LINES: A place where music finds a voice in written word…READ IT HERE ☞ LINK
Rebecca Singer a.k.a @xenakita

💥Lost Boy Single Review:💥
 “…Vocalist Hannah Clive burns the house of love down with her torch singing on the Thievery Corp.-ish “The Lost Boy
David Jeffries, (all,2014)

BBC Radio 6 and Youtube: 48,500+ hits: Video here   I-tunes: Click here

“…The amazing singer and songwriter Hannah Clive shares about her twenty years in the music business, what it’s like as a woman in the industry, and she’s brought in her song, Middle of the Bed, from her most recent EP, Richmond Park Sessions…” Ruth Jacobs, Writer, Broadcast, Campaigner. 2013 (“In The Booth With Ruth” at

“…The exceptional lyrical music of this talented singer-songwriter…” Dr Bob Hieronimous, 21st Century Radio

“…What a great session on Under The Radar on Brooklands Radio with the magnificent Hannah Clive (singer/songwriter)...! Proudly supporting up and coming original singers, bands and musicians…”

David Durant (Head of Live and Unsigned Talent at Brooklands radio)

“…The Herbaliser’s newest release There Were Seven sees a definite return to roots…The album’s single, “The Lost Boy,” features a sultry Hannah Clive crooning longingly. Her delivery and the track’s production seem to simultaneously evoke and transcend the bulky “trip hop” label The Herbaliser has often been associated with. The rest of the album shows similar poise…” James Nason, Freqmagazine

Lost Boy i-tunes ArtWork5050580997561.170x170-75

Courtesy of The Herbaliser. All Rights Reserved 2012

“She delivers hauntingly powerful vocals” Brokenculture
(The Herbaliser ‘Lost Boy’ single co-written with/featuring Hannah Clive)

“Fabulous voice” Ross Hemsworth Glastonbury radio (Battfest)

“She can sing. Her excellent tracks can be found on her Facebook page. Hannah is currently unsigned, but with all her talent I’m sure it won’t be for long!” Maria Anthony (MusicVita)

“Heartfelt Hannah [Clive] is making a name in the performance industry and hoping to capture the imagination of listeners…ready to set the music world alight…a singing sensation” Christine Fleming (Richmond and Twickenhan Times)

“Next up was Hannah Clive, a very professional artist. Knowledge Junkie rocked well as did 10 Steps, while I Need a Beer was more of a ballad. Great voice and solid material”Peter Coulston (Reading Fest)

“…A Sheryl Crow vibe to the music, her vocals have conviction and strength which really put the lyrics over. Love it” Nicky Graham (Ubetoo)