#HCHQ Marky Dawson’ Piano Playin’ Rocks Roof at Red Cow, Richmond!

#HCHQ Its been a while since I heard a proper pub sing song round a jo’anna and I didn’t realise how much I missed it ‘til I stumbled upon Mr Marky Dawson, literally rockin’ the roof off the joint at The Red Cow in Richmond tonight. A pub I haven’t frequented for many a year – but so glad I did. Picture the scene …
The Red Cow Public House, Richmond-Upon-Thames.

The Red Cow Public House, Richmond-Upon-Thames.

 …We have a classic Victorian pub with a mixed bunch of locals, young to old, round about 9:30pm of a Saturday night – well oiled, yet clearly only just getting warmed up! Well, they had the perfect maestro in the pocket-sized but perfect Marky Dawson whom I think I can safely say, didn’t miss a square inch of his piano tonight. MarkyDawsonChoosing a selection of classic tunes both new and old, that literally had the whole place swingin’ – rather like a gallant old sail boat, swaying slowly from side to side, en song and with gusto.

From Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny Be Good’, to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire’ – the solo of which Mark reduced to the last two keys of the top end left-handed, whilst standing up and drinking a pint – to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, to the Kinks, Van Morrison, beat-boxing Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’, to Kings of Leon – I swear there wasn’t one song this dude didn’t have down and with such energy.

With deceptively brilliant piano playing, the likes of which I have only ever heard tale of from grizzled old East End geezers in BBC 4 music documentaries – reminiscent of Mrs Mills, or the piano in The Beatles ‘Bull Dog’ – the music drifted out the pub doors, over some no-doubt startled posh rooftops and, as the entire pub joined in to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ this life-long Richmond-er smiled and thought – it’s been a while since this old boozer saw the likes of this…I swear I heard The Red Cow’s walls breathe a sigh of relief – and all from a man who couldn’t have been more than 22! Now where did he learn to play like that! More please.

Hannah gets 2nd Airing at BBC Introducing with Gary Crowley

Hannah’s track Kiss of Life receives its 2nd Airing at BBC Introducing with Gary Crowley:

“…That wouldn’t sound out of place on this radio station or radio 2 or any of the others as well, its a good song that, Hannah Clive on this Saturday night and a song entitled Kiss of Life, that’s the second airing here on BBC Introducing in London, again what do you think we’d love to know?…” – Gary Crowley, BBC Radio London & BBC Introducing in London.


#HCHQ Review: Erica Eclipse at their Notting Hill Arts Club Gig, Sat 8th April 2017

#HCHQ For the record I’ve just genuinely seen and heard the most brilliant and complete gig from a new band in a very long time. The kind that I’ve read about from years gone by, but never actually experienced from a young band – only for real. Erica are the complete package and all I can say is: THAT was awesome.

Erica in action: Notting Hill

Musicianship – and in a three piece – that went way and above; reminiscent for me as a fellow musician, of watching a cat play with a mouse – only there were three of ’em! Deceptively effortless. Thank you Erica…really, really.

Think Rush meets early Genesis (with Gabriel), intermeshed with the symphonic roots of Townshend and you’re getting there; throw in an audience hanging on every last word, note and gesture from master conductor in lead vocalist and guitarist Dalton Woodward – and you’re there! I watched something special tonight at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London …

Go. and. see. them – is all I can add…BEFORE they play a sell out Reading and Leeds or Isle of Wight festival, which is by the way, in this musician’s humble opinion, where they surely belong. More on this hot young British band very soon…Rock!

Hannah Clive with Erica vocalist & guitarist Dalton Woodward (right) and Jason Burger (bassman).

Hannah Clive with Erica vocalist & guitarist Dalton Woodward (right) and Jason Burger (bassman).

Very special thanks must go out to Award Winning Indie Reviewer Rebecca Singer and to EGH Radio for putting Hannah Clive and Erica in touch.


Website: www.ericarock.co.uk

iTunes: Album ‘Hollow Moon’ and more…

Twitter: @EricaBand10

Facebook: @ericaband

Soundcloud: EricaBand10

Youtube: Erica Band


#HCHQ #WightNight Stand Up to Cancer Gig with John Giddings and Abbey Clancy

Quite a Night at #WightNight!! I wasn’t expecting Abbey Clancy for a gig buddy – but a very fine rock chick gig bud she makes too!20170406_232040

Meeting Mr John Giddings was unexpected and thoroughly marvellous – a very special thank you to him for his hospitality. Thanks also goes out to Isle of Wight Festival’s Molly McQueen, a legend with the social media and, Mr Richard Barber for setting up what proved to be such a magnificent line-up of new music talent by Isle of Wight Festival, in aid of Stand Up to Cancer.


The gig was genuinely epic with my friends The Second Sons kicking the show off with a bang in their own inimitable style. Paves followed ramping up the pitch for the audience. The superb Wild Front came next whipping the audience up still further and making a considerable impact on my gig buddy and me – with Abbey drawing parallels between them and the legendary Fleetwood Mac – a view with which I wholeheartedly concur.


The night culminated with an absolutely electric set from headliners JUDAS completely fulfilling the by now palpable sense of anticipation in a packed Half Moon – yep, those lads from Liverpool (oldest only 19) damned near took the roof off the place! Good ol’ The Half Moon Putney – l❤️e it!!! Bring on the Dragon Race and Isle of Wight Festival  #IOW17 I say..

John Giddings dubs Hannah ‘Newest member of his Kitchen Sessions’

 #HCHQ Further to #WightNight in aid of Stand Up To Cancer at London’s Half Moon gig Hannah found herself in the unusual position of singing in a certain person’s kitchen…and he has kindly tweeted the following:
‘Welcome to the new member of the kitchen sessions – great voice !! Hannah Clive…’ – John Giddings (Isle of Wight Festival, UK)

Thanks John…praise indeed.

Hannah Clive with John Giddings (Isle of Wight Festival)

Hannah Clive with John Giddings (Isle of Wight Festival)

Hannah debuts on BBC Introducing London with Gary Crowley

#HCHQ 💥Made it on to THE BEEB!!💥



Very special thanks to Gary Crowley and BBC Introducing in London last night for heading up the second half of his radio show with lil’ ol’ me..truly #humbled. Cake all round I say! 🎉🎂🎂🎂 BBC Intro Pic Link to BBC Introducing Facebook Post

#HCHQ Chills out with BBC R6 DJ & Fun Lovin’ Crims Frontman Huey Morgan…

#HCHQ watches Rocktronica Giants (IAM)WARFACE gig, followed by beers, laughs n chats with Huey last Friday at his Blues Kitchen DJ gig in #London’s Shoreditch.


Well it was certainly an interesting night out last Friday, travelling from what is this musician’s native Richmond-upon-Thames up to London’s East End. And its gotta be an exceptionally good cause to get me to do it these days – not least coz its a forty quid Uber ride home!

But it was Brighton band (IAM)WARFACE‘ gig at Brick Lane’s ‘93 Feet East‘ that enticed me, followed by some beer n chats in a Blues Kitchen booth with Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman and BBC Radio 6 DJ Huey Morgan, plus a couple of great lasses from London’s Evening Standard newspaper – well one of them was – the other her bestie, a beautician, whom she’d met attending the Barbara Speake Stage School.

The former was trying her very best to interview Huey, although as he explained to me on my arrival somewhat conspiratorially, he doesn’t really do questions, especially not those that are pre-prepared. That said, he and I shared some interesting talk as regards to what its like being in a war-zone – specifically the Balkans – he in his former capacity as a marine and, “Getting shot at coming up the beach” and me in my capacity as a singer, supporting raising money for child victims of the war. A very ‘real’ conversation topic given our surroundings, in what was a noisy ‘hipster-filled’ London Bar – one way to fend off press questions I suppose.

I loved his set spinning some tunes and true to his tweet earlier, he did indeed “blow the roof off the joint” and even I, who could remember the tunes from the first time around, felt the undisputed urge to groove. Later he disappeared off into the night with the Evening Standard – I’m pretty sure the lady got her story – although I’m not sure her new boss George Osbourne MP, will fully appreciate her tenacity.

All that remains to be said is I loved the (IAM)WARFACE set. This is not a complete review of same, mainly because I was too busy behind a camera filming them, having far too much fun doing that.


What I will say though, is that despite the problems with the venue’s sound (not quite sure what the engineer was doing but the poor sod’s probably only paid a pittance) the band dealt with it very professionally and still managed to offer what was a packed venue, an absolute belter of a show, including all their now familiar rock-tronica tunes: ‘Say My Name’, ‘Bleed Out’ and, ‘Atomic White Gold’ all of which the crowd were singing along to, interspersed with battle cries of: ‘Warface, Warface!” This from a band fielding a new drummer with a broken hand (Chris luv – I’d never have known and I’m loving what you’re doing rhythmically). Frankly, if thats what he’s like when its broken, I can’t wait to hear ’em gig when it ain’t. ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Ed Sheeran’ (IAM)WARFACE are not – Glastonbury…take note.

Starlight Music Chronicles Celebrate Hannah on International Women’s Day


Hannah Clive: October 2016 Artist of Month Winner: The Interview

Canada’s Starlight Music Chronicles release Interview with Hannah: Winner of their October Artist of the Month competition 2016, as featured at Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine for month of October 2016 and nominated by (IAM)WARFACE’S Matt Warneford.


Click here for Starlight Music Chronicles Interview with Hannah

Hannah’s next gig will be at Oxjam Leeds Takeover, October 22nd at Crowd of Favours, Leeds.

On stage: 7:45pm with special guests BBC Introducing’s Alex Hulme

and Leeds own Red Light Revival




Hannah Wins Artist of The Month Starlight Music Chronicles Competition October 2016

#HCHQ is delighted to announce that Hannah Clive was voted Artist of The Month in the North American based Starlight Music Chronicles Competition, as voted for by fans and Judges, she is is now in the running for SMC Artist of The Year 2017.


Hannah’s reaction: “This was the first competition I have ever been nominated for and I was very grateful to have been nominated by my industry peers the British band (IAM)WARFACE – who of course won SMC Artist of the Year for 2016. I’ve put in a lot of hard work this year building my relationships with my fans and promoting my nomination – quite aside from my business as a music maker. As modern artists we have many plates to juggle – so this was a tremendous reward for me but mostly I was just so touched by the response of fans and their compliments when I won or as SMC said: “Holy Cow Hannah – you broke Twitter!” All my SN’s went absolutely crazy and I’m still writing back to everyone to thank them. If I haven’t got to you yet, then please be patient! Thank you and I am truly humbled, your support is what keeps me going…”

Winning this competition is just fabulous and will mean interviews and promotions of Hannah Clive by SMC…Hannah’s interview with them will be published shortly so please watch this space. So too she has gig announcement to make soon. Last but not least thanks to everyone for backing Hannah, to SMC and Congratulations Hannah – you did it! #HCHQ