Hannah Clive: October 2016 Artist of Month Winner: The Interview

Canada’s Starlight Music Chronicles release Interview with Hannah: Winner of their October Artist of the Month competition 2016, as featured at Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine for month of October 2016 and nominated by (IAM)WARFACE’S Matt Warneford.


Click here for Starlight Music Chronicles Interview with Hannah

Hannah’s next gig will be at Oxjam Leeds Takeover, October 22nd at Crowd of Favours, Leeds.

On stage: 7:45pm with special guests BBC Introducing’s Alex Hulme

and Leeds own Red Light Revival




Hannah Wins Artist of The Month Starlight Music Chronicles Competition October 2016

#HCHQ is delighted to announce that Hannah Clive was voted Artist of The Month in the North American based Starlight Music Chronicles Competition, as voted for by fans and Judges, she is is now in the running for SMC Artist of The Year 2017.


Hannah’s reaction: “This was the first competition I have ever been nominated for and I was very grateful to have been nominated by my industry peers the British band (IAM)WARFACE – who of course won SMC Artist of the Year for 2016. I’ve put in a lot of hard work this year building my relationships with my fans and promoting my nomination – quite aside from my business as a music maker. As modern artists we have many plates to juggle – so this was a tremendous reward for me but mostly I was just so touched by the response of fans and their compliments when I won or as SMC said: “Holy Cow Hannah – you broke Twitter!” All my SN’s went absolutely crazy and I’m still writing back to everyone to thank them. If I haven’t got to you yet, then please be patient! Thank you and I am truly humbled, your support is what keeps me going…”

Winning this competition is just fabulous and will mean interviews and promotions of Hannah Clive by SMC…Hannah’s interview with them will be published shortly so please watch this space. So too she has gig announcement to make soon. Last but not least thanks to everyone for backing Hannah, to SMC and Congratulations Hannah – you did it! #HCHQ

Exclusive ‘Hannah Clive Music Feature’ launched by Twitter Indie Supporters DudeFm

 Hannah Clive by @dude_fm

Hannah Clive by @dude_fm

Last week awesome Twitter masters Dude.Fm launched a special Music Feature on Hannah Clive with rolling updates on Hannah’s activities both with her music and her music journalism – @dudefm are rather awesomely providing a one-stop shop for all wishing to find out about Hannah and her music activities.
In describing themselves @dude_fm have this to say: “Yup, we dig Featuring Independent Artists, Bands, Conscious Rappers & Hip Hop, DJ’s, EDM MC’s & Musicians, via MUSIC VIDEOS & SOUNDCLOUD.” And we at #HCHQ can confirm their general awesomeness at doing just that!

So this is our chance at #HCHQ to say a very big thank you indeed to Dude for being well, such dudes and for their patience considering Hannah’s recent impromptu departures into the wilds of the British countryside to recharge her creative batteries.

Dude will be running their feature on Hannah a for a little while longer so please do stop by, take a look and tell your friends. News of same exploded on Twitter last week with tweets reaching audiences in excess of a million so you’d be in good company! Once again a very #supermassive thank you Dude for creating the space for that to happen – we owe you at least one British cream tea (and much ice-cream and cake) for same. Thanks Dude – truly you are awesome.

LINK ☞ http://www.dude.fm/#hannah-clive

Dude.FM on Twitter: @dude_fm

#HCHQ Goes Into The Wild with British Indie Rocktronica Giants (Iam)Warface

#HCHQ’s experience of meeting with British indie band (Iam)Warface’ and their gig at Into The Wild Festival 2016 – somewhere in a field in middle England…

IamWarface – Into The Wild Festival, UK, 2016

A bit of soul searching and one conflab later with ye lads from the band and various folks gathered in beer tent at Into The Wild Festival and I’ve decided I will in fact write about my first experience of ITWF from the viewer perspective, in true rock n roll spirit I shall defy convention and advice of my Times journalist friend and ‘put myself in it’ – this despite the fact that I’m ‘not a well-known’. A risky business…

The question of whether or not to do so came up in conversation with assorted musical folks gathered about a makeshift trestle table, including half of (Iam)Warface, bits of Surzerain, some bloke who needed a lift back to London (I wonder if he made it) and various others including a King Charles Spaniel – he of course didn’t offer an opinion, he just lay there nonchalantly in a balmy, somewhat beery tent, tethered through the loop of his lead by a screwdriver rather enterprisingly stuck in the ground but which meant that from the wrong angle, it looked like someone might have killed the dog – but for his occasionally blinking eye. “Be different!” came the cry from Matt of Warface “break the mould!” And since that’s exactly what their music does, I shall indeed defy convention and “Put myself in it!”

Although an unknown, my life in music so far as a singer and songwriter has perhaps afforded me a unique perspective particularly when it comes to music and musicians, be it standing there watching ‘Circle of Life’ recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes, or stood on the side of the Stage at Red Rocks, Colorado as a guest of The Who tour in America for six months, with a camera thrust in my hands by Zak Starkey (Ringo’s son) and told “Film it!” Yes its fair to say I have been in some extraordinary musical situations in my life, possibly only topped by being asked if I wanted to sing on a Ray Charles record aged 17, saying yes and being told “Good! You’ve got half an hour!” Rather a lot of musical ground has been covered since then including the release of my own material supported by some legendary musicians and production people I’ve met along the way.  But this summer rather seems to involve meeting, getting to know and listening to some rather awesome new British bands in what feels like a British sixties renaissance in that some ground-breaking and original music is being made. Hence how I found myself at the Into The Wild festival – a smallish affair but by no means lacking punch and better for it – somewhere south of my nemesis Milton Keynes – Buckinghamshire, England.

The first relief was no mud, despite the record breaking, wet, soppy, miserable affair we’ve had for a summer so far. Instead the skies cleared – with not a wellington boot in sight! The reason for my being present in this field began in a typically lateral way back at the start of the year via that thoroughly modern entity Twitter – previously an anathema to me – something I hadn’t properly understood but had to learn on account of the impending release of my own music. Back in a cold and miserable January (Lemmy had just died, quickly followed by Bowie) and throughout the ensuing months when seemingly we lost a music great on a weekly basis, I began discovering the music of some brilliant new British indie bands.

With the vague notion in my head that given the state of play in the music industry – there is no state of play, no-ones really sure how to make money at it – that perhaps we as bands should do something radical and support one another; that perhaps to audiences the nature of the music makers were as interesting as the music we made. To whit I began listening to a lot of new music, found various bands that I began cross promoting for no other reason than I thought they sounded really rather splendid. I began to talk to them, some of them talked back, the characters and necessary musicians’ sense of humour began to reveal itself through conversations on Twitter. (Iam)Warface – don’t let the name deter you – were one such band. There are others but for the purposes of this story (Iam)Warface are who we’ll stick with!

So I began exchanging tweets with them, gradually getting to know them, until finally I found myself talking with Matt the lead singer and songwriter of (Iam)Warface on the phone giving him a pep talk. Like many Indies – he was in the shit-this-is-hard-but-I-love-it-but-am-flagging stage! It happens and we as artists need a pick-me-up sometimes, from a brother (or sister) in arms. For various reasons I’d been unable to attend previous Warface gigs up to that point and was very keen to finally see them live. But like most musicians I have to watch the pennies, was on my own and in need of a ticket but not for the whole weekend.

So it was several texts later, I found myself in my car; outside my local train station picking someone up I’d never met before – one of Matt’s old mates – and driving an hour north out of London to the gig! En route I explained to my passenger that I had the ticket, it was for two people and that he was Mr Smith, what his postcode was and how best we could remember that at the gate! “Are you Mrs Smith then?” came the reply from my much-bearded companion, somewhat reminiscent of Cat Weasel only younger. “No – I’m Hannah” I replied, “they’ve already talked with me and I might need to be Hannah later on!”

Onwards up the M1 we drove, somewhere just past Watford Services I was casually informed that my co-pilot had ‘form’ for amongst other things hemp growing – amused I silently ploughed on vowing not to get a “stupid pull” from the Rozzers (police) and trying not to visualise what that might look like if we were stopped! ‘Withnail and I’ sprang to mind. So too I was regaled with the story that my travelling companion had shared the same name with Matt from (Iam)Warface but that Matt “Had changed his name because he kept getting stopped by the Rozzers” as a teenager and “Getting in loads of sh*t coz they thought he was me!” I laughed, “Is that true or is it a band myth?” I asked. “Well that’s what they tell me!” came Cat Weasel’s reply. Unsolicited, the Warface drummer later confirmed this – just prior to him staggering off with a balloon in his hand… and I don’t think he was planning on taking it home with him.

But I get ahead of myself. Having negotiated my own personal hell which is Milton Keynes and it’s named roundabouts, we found ourselves driving on to site across fields, successfully negotiated the check point – both loudly chorusing “Smith!” in unison when asked the name at the gate, me proffering a print out of the e-ticket in a plastic folder (sometimes the old ways are best). We drove onwards and parked up amongst a mixed assortment of vehicles – from campervans, to mini’s to Aston’s (that would be the Glampers).

On Cat Weasel’s advice we opted not to plot up tents by the loo’s or the skip and waited for Mat the lead singer of Warface and his wife Zed to arrive, fresh from a mate’s wedding. Zed rather brilliantly managed to have picked an outfit that translated from wedding to cool festival chic in one go and the pair of them just had the most awesome hair! Matt with his bleached crew cut and short Mohican and Zed with her own 21st century spin on Bowie’s Star Man only in greys and pinks with flowers in it from the wedding! I later found out that this lovely, dear lady was also a hairdresser – ah that explains the effortless cool I thought. I was very pleased she was there being as I was a gal on my own like and given that I had never actually met either of them in person. Thankfully it became rapidly obvious that the computer exchanges hadn’t lied, we were all of a like mind with Matt exclaiming as they pulled up: “Finally! We meet!” Massive smiles and hugs all round, a surreal experience to be sure but a marvellous one.

(Iam)Warface - Into The Wild Festival, 2016.

(Iam)Warface – Into The Wild Festival, 2016.

Zip forward, beers drunk, tents up, several sharings of ‘Thors hammer’ later (tent pegs), the band are about to go on and again I’m being given a camera – or rather a phone and asked to film it. Something I love to do and it’s kind of in the blood I guess but part of me really wanted to see this band through my own eyes – not a lens. Cat Weasel kindly offers to film the start and then swap with me allowing me to see some of the gig. It begins with the magnetic ‘Bleed Out’ – immediately I’m drawn in, finally hearing the Rocktronica I’ve sat and listened to through the dark early months of 2016. And I am not disappointed. What an opener for a track, the riff is too good and already I’m singing along.

I’m struck by how certain songs carry even better live than I would have expected such as ‘To Die For’ and ‘You Don’t Love me Anymore’, you just have to move your feet to it and shake yer head and sing along with the “Woh-ohs”; the band members blending together seamlessly, grinding out these hypnotic riffs. The classical references – the informed use of dynamics, musical light and shade is not lost on me, but it’s the clever blending and juxta-positioning of different styles that interests and rivets me. I can hear bits of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nirvana, Sisters of Mercy, Muse and always these catchy riffs ground out by Lou on guitar, over pounding beats and ethereal, layered synths.

For those of you who don’t know (Iam)Warface’s set up it’s live vocals, electric guitar and drums with a series of digital parts and synthesisers administered by the other Matt (Whitehead), tucked away like the bloke out of Pet Shop Boys behind his keyboard and bits of digi’ kit – make no mistake his is a very important layer to the distinctive (Iam)Warface Rocktronica sound. Inexorably the crowd were drawn in to this web and what they were hearing, as the different moods, slants and waves within the songs reached out like fingers over them. ‘Vampire’ was a particularly good track, along with ‘White Gold’ as Matt moved between stage area and floor – amongst the listeners – slowly gyrating his whole body as he bent the notes, at times reminding me of a cat arching it’s back or coiling himself around his mic stand, at others confidently prowling the stage or crowd and, at one point held an impossibly long note that frankly would have put Bill Withers to shame.

As (Iam)Warface performed, other bands – Suzerain included – all drew in towards the stage area gathering to see the unique talent that’s (Iam)Warface and its singer Matt Warneford. Lou Matthews on guitar stood there solid, nodding his head to the drum beat, rightly self-assured of just how good his riffs were, a gentle giant mastering his low-slung guitar, coaxing and sliding out of it some simply stunning sounds. Alex Whibley on drums – all of 22 – with his mod haircut and jacket quite obviously enjoys exactly what he does for Warface – possessing that young man’s impossibly laidback, yet sure-fire youthful air that he really is the best at what he does – and to be fair to the kid, he is bloody good! There’s something a bit Moon-ish about him – or is it that bloke out of Quadrophenia. Either way he’s 22, loving it and why not!

(Iam)Warface - Into The Wild Festival 2016

(Iam)Warface – Into The Wild Festival 2016

We were all loving it too and with post-gig high, on we all went into the night – ending with dancing to some serious ska blasting out across the fields courtesy of Skalectrix, hanging with indie band Suzerain too – lovely chaps, thanks for minding my bag whilst I danced to ‘Monkey Man’ and really wished I’d seen them perform – they too were a band I’d already come across in my virtual travels, so meeting and hanging with them was an added bonus…now off on an Italian Tour…lucky Italians 😉 🇮🇹

Suffice to say that the sixties ethos is alive and well in the fields of England and I’ll not lie to you, I like these smaller festivals such as Into The Wild; they retain an intimacy, a trust and a vibe all of their own which very much supports the grass roots and emerging bands I’m pleased to say proliferate in my part of the world. I don’t know what else is happening globally but I gotta tell ya – there’s something very special happening in music right now here in Great Britain and its not X Factor – its real talent, playing real instruments, in real bands. Something I’ve wanted to see for twenty years…how nice to be a part of it and so warmly welcomed. Cheers guys. It was lovely…but not the FartChat, I’m sure that’s why the dog had one eye open!


Band Links:

(Iam)Warface Official Website: www.iamwarface.com


Video: WATCH IT: ‘Say My Name’ Official Video

Store: OWN IT


Facebook: facebook.com/warfacesounds

Festival Link: Into The Wild Festival Official Website

Next band #HCHQ looking forward to seeing ☞ Suzerain






Further AIRPLAY for Kiss of Life – hits No 9 in London Chart

Hannah’s current release ‘Kiss of Life’ hit No 9 in the ReverbNation London chart last week continuing it’s climb from No 27 the previous week. The track is now receiving further new airplay from numerous radio stations including Control Radio Uk, the Indie 365 Network, Radio RKC, EGH Radio featured it again in their #UnsignedMadness show and tonight the track airs on The Lost Broadcast at 8p.m. UK time.

Hannah_Clive Kiss of Life Remastered 2016

Watch the Revised Video here

💥ON AIR : NEW Remaster of ‘Fire’💥 Further Radio ☞ Radio Wigwam


All Rights Reserved Hannah Clive 2012

All Rights Reserved Hannah Clive 2012

Radio Wigwam:

“…HANNAH CLIVE has established herself as a highly adept singer/songwriter. Her compositions are honest, soul-searching and emotionally charged pieces, where she is often open about her own personal frailties. Among the songwriters she most admires (and to some degree looks to emulate) are Carole King and Kate Bush…” (Radio Wigwam, 2016)

Radio Wigwam


Stunning New Interview & Review of Hannah by Respected US Indie Music Journalist Rebecca Singer

Image by Paul Michael Hughes T 07790819111 E pmh@paulmichaelhughes.com W www.paulmichaelhughes.com


Writes US indie journalist and legendary Tweeter Rebecca Singer following her recent interview with Hannah and published yesterday.

READ BETWEEN THE LINES: A place where music finds a voice in written word…READ IT HERE ☞ LINK


Hannah’s Second Story makes London Evening Standard

Hannah tweeted from #HCHQ that an air ambulance was circling her London home on June 10th 2016: London’s Evening Standard and local Richmond & Twickenham Times picked up the story and subsequent pictures:

London air ambulance called as man falls from scaffolding in East Sheen



Hannah’s First Published Newspaper Article article No1 Most Popular

‪#‎HCHQ‬ Ahem…thrilled to announce: MY FIRST PUBLISHED ARTICLE in a newspaper. Kinda fell in my lap this one, well almost…
“Chunk of ice ‘size of breeze block’ falls from plane onto road in Sheen, London.”

Thanks to George Odling and Richmond & Twickenham Times for the joint by-line.

There WILL be more writings of a MUSIC-related INTERVIEW nature on their way…so watch this space

“…A chunk of ice “the size of a breezeblock” fell from a plane on Tuesday morning onto a road in Sheen.

Hannah Clive, 40, witnessed the ice narrowly miss parked cars in Alexandra Road at about 10.45am and said the block landed with a loud bang.

The musician and writer, who is the daughter of the late actor and author John Clive, told the Richmond and Twickenham Times: “I was sitting there talking with my mother on the phone and interrupted her saying ‘mum, something just fell out of the sky’.”

Ms Clive said she investigated the fall with trepidation given that the body of a man had fallen from a plane onto the roof of a Richmond office last summer.

She said: “I wasn’t sure what I would find.

“It narrowly missed my car and there were large chunks of ice the size of a fist scattered all over the pavement and between the cars.

“I’m glad there were no children or adults walking past because it would surely have killed them had it hit them.

“A lot of parents with children walk down this road on their way to local primary schools but thankfully it’s the Easter holidays so many people are away.”


Ice can form from water leaking from aircraft, according to the Civil Aviation Authority, and it is a misconception that toilet waste is ever to blame as the facilities are only emptied when the plane reaches the ground.

There are roughly 35 reported cases of ice falling from planes in the UK each year.

Chairman of anti airport expansion group Hacan John Stewart said should Heathrow be given a third runway then ice falling from planes would be something Londoners saw more frequently.

Mr Stewart said: “Inevitably there will be more ice falling, there could well be more bodies falling too, for the very simple reason there will be a quarter of a million more planes flying over London.

“Any move to bring in quieter or cleaner planes makes absolutely no difference to the number of ice blocks or people falling from the planes.”


A spokeswoman from Heathrow Airport said she was unable to speculate whether the ice had actually come from a plane as there was no evidence either way, but urged anyone who believe they might be affected by similar situations to email heathrownoiseschemehelpdesk@tftconsultants.com. …” (Richmond & Twickenham Times, 2016)

Link to R&TT Article


Hannah Fulfils Lifetime Dream & Visits Abbey Road Studios, London

#HCHQ Bucket List -> Go in AbbeyRoad Studios, London = CHECK.

Not often I get to fulfill a lifetimes dream. More #HCHQ Interview News soon… A very special thank you to all 🙂

Living the Dream…twas a long & winding road…but I got there 🙂