Twas the week before Christmas: New Single REMEMBER TO BREATHE debuts on BBC Introducing London

I am pleased to report that my new single REMEMBER TO BREATHE released at the tail end of 2017 debuted on BBC Introducing London the week before Christmas 2017 seemingly spurred on by my appearance on America’s The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell.
Respected BBC DJ Gary Crowley was again full of praise and remarked that: “It’s songs like those that are winning Hannah Clive friends all over the world” referring to my recent appearances on the number one webshow in the world America’s The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell and it’s 4M viewers.

I was absolutely thrilled to bits to hear BBC Introducing debut my new song and the by now festive spirits continued, when Jimmy Star and Ron Russell invited me back for their Christmas Special to join a bevy of other favourite guests for their Christmas spectacular. Amazing how technology now makes this possible, with guests joining from all over the world including myself, Huff Post’s Eileen Shapiro, Top 40 Billboard artist Ricky Rebel, Queen of the Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona, pop dance artist Aaron Paul formerly of teen pop group Worlds Apart, Sony indie dance artist Tobias, Codie Prevost FanClub and more. It was sparkly, it had sequins, it was slightly risqué and a complete hoot. Thank you all!

My new single REMEMBER TO BREATHE has also received some amazing reviews not least from American New York based Music Interview Magazine who wrote:

An influential voice has emerged on the British indie music scene and her name is Hannah Clive…seriously, is this a contender for song of the year? Hannah Clive’s ‘Remember To Breathe’: About Encouragement, Advice and Compassion…

The review is available in full here:

Music Interview Magazine: Hannah Clive’s Remember To Breathe:

About encouragement advice and compassion


Hannah has been picking up awards thick and fast during 2017. First came the announcement to her that she’d won Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Year Award, when she took a call from Matt Warneford of (IAM)WARFACE who’d originally nominated Hannah. This whilst standing in a field, at FrontRow Fest Oxfordshire, where somehow she managed to get reception! Thus began further celebrations (largely led by the Scottish Barstow Bats) for Hannah’s achievement, having won Artist of the Year in Canada’s Starlight Music Chronicles fan and judge-led vote. This has been followed up by a special interview with Starlight Music Chronicles and an Artist Spotlight Page and radio interview with SMC friends Limehead Radio.

SMC Artist of Year Courtesy SMC.COM


This award was followed by Hannah winning Runner-Up in the Best Female Artist Category – out of several thousand entries – in Radio Wigwam‘s Online Music Awards.
Wigwam Awards-Female-Hannah_Clive

UPDATE: On Best Female Artist Nomination, (IAM)WARFACE/ Gary Numan, summer festivals & more…

Dear All,
Thought I’d best update you as it feels like it’s been a while! As you may already know from my Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts it’s been a fair ol’ musical time of it lately. Not least helping out my dear friends (IAM)WARFACE on their recent support dates on the Gary Numan tour. Between that and my own gigs this summer it feels like I’ve seen a goodly amount of our fair British countryside and met some utterly brilliant musicians and people along the way.
ITWB0224  ITWB0574  ITWB0217

It came as a pleasant and typically rock n roll surprise whilst recovering from my Frontrow Fest, Into The Wild and Isle of Wight ventures I received a phone call from my friend Matt Warneford of (IAM)WARFACE) telling me he’d just got an email from the Numan office in L.A, inviting them to support him on tour for a couple of dates in Hull and Leamington Spa – starting in two weeks. It was further explained: “…I’m at the airport, leaving for Holland, for three days – on a stag do – I’m out of radio range Han! PLEASE HELP”IMG-20170731-WA0003

Never one to turn down a fellow musician in need or, for that matter a challenge, I duly took up the reigns and began the Beguine…culminating in an hilarious and brilliant if intense few days on the road, back up the M1 in a van, with a band to Hull, followed by a mere skip across country, to a sold out show at the stunning, newly refurbished art-deco Leamington Assembly – capacity 1500 and built in 1926. It was quite a weekend I can tell you bringing back fond memories of tours past and there really nothing is quite like tour humour: “What’s grey and sits at the end of your bed, taking the piss out of you – a kidney dialysis machine!” Between that, excerpts of Derek and Clive, Withnail and I quotes: “Are we there yet? No – we’re not, we’re here” culminating in such a stellar, light and sound spectacular at The Assembly and mobbed at the stage door – yeah it’s been pretty good.

Wigwam nomination


This week I heard that I’d been nominated for Best Female Artist in the forthcoming Radio Wigwam online music awards which is awesome, (IAM)WARFACE have also been nominated in the Best Single Category and I did an interview for the lovely folks at Limehead Radio, sponsored by Starlight Music Chronicles for whom I won Artist of the Year at the start of the summer. In it I talked with Limehead’s Rachael about the new music scene, future gigs with fellow new music artists and bands I feel are of note from the current British new music scene – the podcast for which should be up shortly.

There’s collaborations happening between myself and (IAM)WARFACE in studio, video’s being shot for new releases hopefully in the Autumn / Fall and other tracks in finishing stages in studio too……watch this space.


Hannah plays Frontrow Fest as heard BBC6 Music with Lauren Laverne

It seems a rare thing these days to attend a gig as an independent artist and feel so warmly welcomed and appreciated, happily that was the case when I attended Frontrow Fest in Oxfordshire last weekend. Billed as a one-day family music festival with overnight camping and hosted by Alchester Rugby Club near Bicester – you may know it for it’s famous designer brand outlet store – Frontrow Fest couldn’t have been further removed from material mayhem with it’s relaxed atmosphere, set in a peaceful village on a sleepy Saturday afternoon and only the very distant sound of cars passing by on the M40.
Courtesy FrontRow Fest 2017

Courtesy FrontRow Fest 2017

Tucked away in this superbly organised, sunny corner of a field in England was a gathering of family members of all ages, politely putting out their portable chairs and picnic mats stage-front and settling in to watch what was a hand-picked roster of British new music talent, not forgetting a real ale, G&T or three!

Frontrow Fest Bar courtesy FRF 2017

No big names or Cowell contestants here – instead an incredibly talented gathering of passionate new music makers. Presented as a direct result of the superlative ears of event organiser, self-confessed music fan Mr Keith Nash who, for the past few years whilst conquering ill health himself, has quietly been scouring the independent radio airwaves and attending gigs – resulting in an invitation to all his favourite acts to perform at his brainchild event: Frontrow Fest. Acts drawn from all points on the UK compass with most travelling a minimum three hours to get there – in some cases nine.

Courtesy Front Row Festival 2017

Courtesy Front Row Festival 2017

Frontrow Fest is only in its second year but Nash’s keen musical ear hasn’t gone unnoticed by BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Lavern – known for her support of new music acts – twice she’s had him on regarding this festival – with a 2017 line-up featuring at least three BBC Introducing acts including the fast-paced “gloriously guitar-heavy” Floodhounds from Sheffield. I first came across them via EGH Radio Unsigned and we both performed at Oxjam Leeds last year. A three-piece indie-rock outfit whose infectiously catchy tunes certainly caught the audiences’ attention at Frontrow Fest and not least my friend’s 13-year-old son. The Floodhounds sold out of CD’s – am on the case though…I will get him one.

Floodhounds courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

Sheffield’s Floodhounds courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

Then there was my fellow BBC Introducing London act the acoustic-sometimes-slide-guitarist and rich vocalist, the talented songwriter Mr Harry Pane. Winner of ‘Best Original Artist’ at the RoadToThe100Club with PRS and Island Records, Harry’s played Glastonbury and the coveted SXSW Festival in Texas to name but a few. A rising star with previous sold-out shows in London and a London Live Sessions TV under his belt, he’s currently on tour promoting a new EP release The Wild Winds. Budge up Ed… Frontrow Fest is lovin’ Harry.

BBC Introducing London's Hannah Clive & Harry Pane

BBC Introducing London’s Hannah Clive & Harry Pane

Other notable performances included the raw energy of Colonel Pearl – an alternative covers band who did indeed ‘get the party started’, along with London-based alt-country band The Homing with their eclectic mix of folk, rock and country influences, picking up the band baton after The Lilyhammers’ opener on the main stage. Happily several solo female acts were on the bill including local Oxfordshire lass Rosie Samaras with her unique blend of pop and R&B, as well as Ms Beth Thornton – another local songstress, this time with a country edge – who’s supported Bon Jovi in Toronto, Canada. Thornton set the bar for us lady solo performers, more than holding her own on the main stage after a full band set from The Homing. A busy lady – she was straight off to another gig afterwards…Go Girl! Other acts included La Phooka another local 5-piece with a foot-tapping folk and traditional Irish music sounding influence that had ‘em up dancing.

Oxfordshire's Beth Thornton courtesy Front Row Fest 2017

Oxfordshire’s Beth Thornton courtesy Front Row Fest 2017

Alternating with the main stage, was another line-up on the brand new acoustic stage, which I had the pleasure of inaugurating in what was to be the first of two performances I did that day, followed by another early evening set – just before the last two main stage acts. I won’t review myself –  suffice to say the other acts came to watch me, apparently ‘the perfect aperitif’ for the irrepressible Barstow Bats who followed, smashing their set as the light began to fade and a new energy crept over the field, with children packed off to bed!

Barstow Bats courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

Scotland’s Barstow Bats courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

The Scottish Barstow Bats played out of their skins, fresh off the back of their killer set in London the night before, having driven nine hours over the Border to perform – now there’s dedication for yer! With a guitarist who could’ve stepped straight out of The Ramones, steered by song writing partners Rendall and McKie, powered by Barry Gemmell on bass and Danny Wynne on drums, this four-piece pack a punch with their catchy tunes, clearly influenced – but not derivative of – the greats in the rock n roll pantheon; four band members who couldn’t be more different, yet somehow it works! The Scots led the charge for the impromptu after show artist karaoke, late into the night.

Courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

Manchester’s The Mantells courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

Last but not least came headliners from Manchester The Mantells – who despite their disbelief at actually being the headliners – also played out of their skins in a true rock n roll friendly riposte to The Barstow Bats. Playing for a full hour and a half set that delivered everything you’d want from an indie rock band – standing on speakers, sitting on speakers – with a particularly enigmatic bass player in Dale Moran, who reminded me with his John Lennon Imagine years beard and hair, in his tall, skinny, pale suit, of a cross between Jesus and the bloke out of Free – I half expected to hear Alright Now blast out across the field. Contrast this against the powerful, soulful vocals in blonde frontman Tom Barrow backed by Lewis Moran on drums, both supporting lead singer Tom on vocals and together you have a three-piece who certainly deserved their place at top table, providing a fabulous end to what was a brilliant day of music.

The camaraderie between all the acts who remained afterwards – drinking and singing ‘til the sky lightened and the birds sang (we think the Scottish Bats were the last to retire) was testimony if need be, to how special an event it really was. Our very own little modern Woodstock – ‘there’s something happening here’ in the fields of England musically these days…small but delivering tremendous ‘satisfaction’… thanks Keith.


Courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017

London’s Hannah Clive courtesy Frontrow Fest 2017



#HCHQ‪ Isle Of Wight Festival Review with Indies: JUDAS, MINT, Apollo Junction and News from Run DMC.

It’s no mean feat getting to or performing at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival – you’ve REALLY gotta want to be there!
Like many festivals the site is huge and of course it’s on an island, off the south coast of England necessitating a forty-minute ferry ride. Frankly us Brits don’t have that down like the Norwegians do, for whom ferries arrive and depart with awesome precision. Then there’s the getting on site. But staff are very helpful and once the masses have donned their trademark festival uniform: impossibly short ‘daisy-duke’ shorts, crop tops, wellies (Hunters for the VIP section), body glitter and flower garlands – you’re there.
Guetta, Isle of Wight Festival 2017 by HCHQ

Guetta, Isle of Wight Festival 2017 by HCHQ

Being as the music industry is as hard as it is these days, it was with more than a little relief that I discovered the Jack (Daniels) Rocks/This Feeling and Hard Rock (Café) stages. Thank God the Jack Rocks stage had a sign up with the names of bands and stage timings, especially helpful since these bands are there precisely because they want to attract new followers, having slogged their way up the gig ladder. Passers-by actually know who they are.

It was on these two smaller stages – lets call them rungs one and two of the IOW ladder – that I found the indie bands I’ve spent over a year actively supporting in the Twitter-verse. As an artist myself I don’t have to cross-promote – but given that music industry precariousness mentioned earlier, it seemed the obvious human thing to do – support good new music. I was reconciled that despite the quality commercial acts visible on bigger stages, at the Isle of Wight Festival I was still able to find real bands, slogging away the old fashioned way, gigging their arses off to be worthy enough of this festival – after all, that’s how it started.

No nepotism, buying-in or newbie-divas refusing to go on-site in the rain here. On the Jack Rocks with This Feeling and Hard Rock’s stages were bands that have in most cases spent years working audiences – honing their music, learning their craft at sweat box gigs, paying promoters from non-existent earnings, travelling up and down motorways in tiny vans in the small hours, sleeping on top of the gear – proper old skool.

Apollo Junction, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

Apollo Junction, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

I watched indie band Apollo Junction display exactly that – pure stagecraft – when lunchtime Saturday on the Hard Rocks Stage they were presented with a hung-over and determinedly seated audience, suffering from a bad case of ‘festival legs’. Nevertheless Apollo Junction went on undeterred, tearing into their set of uplifting, catchy tunes. Still the audience remained seated – this may have had something to do with the sound at first, fixed with a small intervention (someone bothering to tell them) and Apollo Junction found the ‘stupid juice’ – enticing the front third of the audience to stand up, pausing only to explain how much it genuinely meant to them, how they’d done a gig, travelled down overnight (in that van) all the way from Leeds – just to perform for them at The Isle of Wight. A big moment for the band to be sure and having graduated from another stage the previous year they really had to make their mark – and make it they certainly did. I can honestly say in all my years of performing I’ve never seen a front man work an audience as hard as Jamie Williamson from Apollo Junction did. Jumping off that stage radio mic’ in hand for the last three songs, he went round every seated member in that audience and by the end, each and every single one of the by now 1000 strong crowd were up on their feet bouncing inflatables around.

Later on, I found myself standing with Jamie at the back of the crowd in the Main Stage area having bumped into him watching Catfish and The Bottlemen. I asked if he liked them – he did. But like me, as musicians we both stood there wondering, looking out across the expanse of people between us and the main stage: ‘How the hell do we get there?’ What do we actually have to do? The Bottlemen are undeniably good but as my counterpart from Apollo Junction gently yet politely speculated: “Have they worked as hard as us?” Have they been gigging every little venue around North America and got picked up? Or do they know someone – the right someone. We will never know. Thankfully we both agreed we liked their music and appreciated their performance. Good on ’em!

JUDAS, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

JUDAS, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

And so long as festivals such as Isle of Wight make room for the Jack Daniels with This Feeling Stage and the Hard Rock stage there’s still hope – provided you don’t lose it or a fortune trying to get there on the way – its £200 just to cross to the Isle of Wight, not including petrol from Leeds!

Broken Witt Rebels, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

Broken Witt Rebels, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

I caught False Heads and Broken Witt Rebels doing positively electric sets on the Jack Rocks with This Feeling Stage, so too the impressive JUDAS whom this year I’m pleased to say have graduated, from ‘Jack Rocks’ to the ‘Hard Rock Stage’ followed by another set the next day in ‘The Big Top’. As always a reliably impressive set from this four-piece London-based rock band, drawn together through the power of the webinet with a shared love of music. “Better than U2” read the reverse of one t-shirt – well having seen them confidently bring the house down at London’s Half Moon a few weeks back, I was delighted to see them again including their pertinent new tune ‘Ceasefire’. JUDAS is on a meteoric rise, having just hit a quarter of a million plays on Spotify – definitely one’s to watch and do not disappoint. Another in that category would be all girl punkish-rock group PINS from Manchester who’re involved with Iggy Pop.

PINS, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

PINS, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

I was sad to have missed MINT’s set. Another explosive band, emerging from the Northeast’s Grimsby and taking venues and universities by storm, first encountered last year when we all played Oxjam Leeds together. At the time I thought the floor was going to go through, the audience were jumping that much.

MINT, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

MINT, Backstage Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

But I heard reliable reports of MINT’s brilliance and raw-energy smashing the Isle of Wight crowd at Jack Rocks. Clearly the vibe got them – in true rock n roll style the bass player Andy, in an over enthusiastic inflatable-throwing incident with lead singer Zak, had broken his wrist, refusing to have X-rays taken in hospital until he’d caught JUDAS’ set – now there’s dedication for ya!

No Hot Ashes was another set I’d liked to have caught, but for my route-negotiation on to site. Pleasingly though, bystanders informed me theirs had been a superb set and frankly if Mr Peeps of Twitter fame is there with ‘em, it’s gotta be good.

The Big Top stage housed more known acts and I’m guessing is a counterpart to the main stage. As overheard from others, I must admit I was a little confused that Mel C, The Pretenders and Alison Moyet weren’t on the main stage, instead performing The Big Top with its maximum audience capacity of approximately five thousand, meaning people standing around the outside trying to watch them perform. However, I was very pleased to be able to discover the talented Lucy Spraggan, also in the Big Top giving a rousing performance and demonstrating that stage craft can only come from years of genuine practice – even if she herself made the jump to hyper speed via X Factor in 2012. Interestingly enough though, following her top-ten debut album success, she’s opted for the independent route, releasing her second record “We Are” on her own label. I’m digging Lucy.

I saw many others, from David Guetta’s pyrotechnic Ibiza-esque extravaganza, to the anthemic ‘I Predict a Riot’ from the superb Kaiser Chiefs; from Arcade Fire to The Undertones.

Guetta 03

Guetta, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

I heard Darryl McDaniels founding member of Run DMC not three feet away, talking passionately with press about his work with the Jam Master Jay Foundation, funding resources for free public school music education programmes. How money from the top doesn’t reach kids at the bottom who need it and how he’s working to change that, adding:
‘I’m thinking about running for office’ – Darryl McDaniels, Run DMC
Kaiser Chiefs, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ

Kaiser Chiefs, Isle of Wight 2017 by HCHQ


Truly Isle of Wight festival 2017 was an experience not to be missed, even if there weren’t as many VW Camper van people there as I might have expected. It was fish n chips, burgers, with an occasional nod to falafel. But with a successful event this size, there was something for everyone; the Kashmir tent, the electronic tent and the boundary busting, eye-popping Cirque de La Quirk. Thank you Isle of Wight, to the numerous staff that helped make it happen. To John Giddings and all his team for achieving a relaxed atmosphere away from hung parliaments and terrorism elsewhere – we needed that escape – thank goodness we have music to unite us. Who knows, perhaps one day I may even get to play there myself …


Further photos available at: #HCHQ Facebook


Hannah Clive Debuts Live on BBC Radio London at Invitation of Gaby Roslin

Following Hannah’s debut airing of her single ‘Kiss of Life’ on BBC Introducing in London, Hannah has made her Debut Live Performance on the Gaby Roslin Show last weekend at BBC Radio London. Having heard Hannah’s single, Gaby Roslin kindly invited Hannah in to perform on her Sunday show at BBC Radio London.
20170514_160618 crop warm

Hannah Clive with presenter and host the lovely Gaby Roslin.

“How impressive is that! It sounds so accomplished – new music from the very talented singer songwriter Hannah Clive…it wouldn’t sound out of place on this radio station, Radio 2 or any of the others as well!” – BBC Introducing London host Gary Crowley.
20170514_151451 copy

Hannah Clive arrives for her debut performance at BBC Radio London

A couple of weeks later having heard Hannah’s song, respected BBC Television presenter and BBC Radio host Gaby Roslin, invited Hannah in to perform on BBC Radio London, introducing her by saying:
“Everyone keeps saying you are the nicest person…I think you actually are the nicest person Hannah…you really are.  I listened to your stuff and its beautiful. You couldn’t be nicer if you tried, and on Twitter – the support you’ve had is incredible….you’ve sung with some incredible people..Ray!”

Gaby went on to talk with Hannah about her late father the actor and author John Clive and her mother Carole White…


Hannah’s father John Clive with Michael Caine in The Italian Job (not shooting tigers!)

“Your daddy was in – I remember him from all the Carry On films, Pink Panther, The Italian Job, Clockwork Orange…”

Hannah then performed an acoustic version of her single ‘Kiss of Life‘ accompanied by respected British guitarist Adam Phillips (Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Richard Ashcroft). She sat in for the next hour with some of Gaby’s other guests including The Gandys brothers whose Gandy flip flop is adorning many a celebrity foot at present – proceeds from which go to children’s homes founded by the pair in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. These two impressive young men – tragically orphaned in the Sri Lankan tsunami – have since helped raise their younger siblings, founding their foot and clothing range to help fellow orphans worldwide.

Other guests included the hilarious Scummy Mummies with their take on current news items and who’ve just published a book. Guests were also treated to some delicious indian cuisine from BBC Good Food writer and chef Anjula Devi who also has a new book out, that unlocks the secrets to indian cookery.

This was followed by another live acoustic performance by Hannah of her track ‘Ten Steps‘ taken from her self-titled EP (available iTunes).

All in all, a thrilling experience and hopefully the start of even bigger things to come for Hannah. A day full of astonishing compliments by both Gaby and her guests – including Busted who commented to Gaby how impressed they were Hannah’s performance and song ‘Kiss of Life’; so too the Gandy brothers listening from the Green Room had thought that Hannah’s performance was a recording and were genuinely surprised when they spotted the guitars! What lovely chaps and lovely people.

“Very special thanks to Gaby and everyone at the BBC who made this such an enjoyable experience for me, I’ve got face-ache from smiling so much! Special thanks also must go out to every single person who took the time to compliment me both before and after my BBC live debut…watch this space folks…exciting!” – Hannah Clive

20170514_155937 copy

Hannah with Busted bass player Matt Willis


Terry Marshall of Marshall Amps drops into Hannah’s Hanwell Hootie gig last weekend.

I was so touched that Terry Marshall of Marshall Amplifications – sponsors of the 5th Annual Hanwell Hootie – took time out of what was a very busy schedule to come see me play last weekend, at my Hootie W7 Emporium gig.

Hannah Clive & Terry Marshall (Marshall Amps) at her Hanwell Hootie gig. Picture by Peter Males 2017

Marshall Amplifications were Sponsors of The 5th Hanwell Hootie Music Festival and the west London town of Hanwell is where Terry’s father Jim Marshall first had his music shop, famously designing the first Marshall Amp. Jim’s musical legacy lives on and the Hanwell Hootie is now London’s largest one day free music event, spread over 14 venues with 85 bands. What a fabulous day and a lovely surprise – thanks Mr and Mrs.M – and to everyone who supported. Special thanks also goes to W7Emporium, James at the Bearcat Comedy Club and Hanwell Hootie organisers. What an incredible and joyful event.

Hannah Clive performing The 5th Hanwell Hootie

Hannah Clive performing The 5th Hanwell Hootie. Picture by Peter Males

Review by Hannah: Bobby Davro & Comedienne Abi Roberts set Hanwell Hootie off with a bang at Bearcat Comedy Club

Bobby Davro & Comedienne Abi Roberts got London’s largest 1 day music festival Hanwell Hootie off to a fine start last Friday, at The Bearcat Comedy Club: The Viaduct, W7.


I’ve heard much ado about Mr Bobby Davro’s comedic prowess and indeed he did not disappoint his audience at what was the start of the Hanwell Hootie Music Festival last weekend, and with a set completely unapologetic in its absence of political correctness – the audience lapped it up. But it was the effervescent, nay firecracker of a comedienne in Ms Abi Roberts, that caused me to beat a path to the door of the Bearcat Comedy Club, Hanwell – to catch a lady who must surely be a star in the making, if ever this comic’s daughter saw one.

It was her show last year at the Bearcat’s sister venue in my local St. Margaret’s, Twickenham where I first witnessed the jiggling, bouncing Abi burst on to the stage, with a slick of red lippie and her shock of blonde hair. I was hooked.

Rising Comedy Star Abi Roberts

Rising Comedy Star Abi Roberts

She has a deceptively easy way with her, seamlessly engaging her audience, drawing them to her and from the off, it’s clear she will please: “Who’s under thirty?” (One faint cry in the affirmative) Abi replies, sending herself up, eyes downcast: ‘Yeah, effing you with yer good looks and clothes that fit!”

And there’s nothing like a bit of audience participation to pull ‘em in still further getting us girls on side with a bit of a “Beyonce singalong”, followed by the guys singing (better): “I’m sexy and I know it” – it’s ladies versus the guys. The perfect contemporary comedic set up introducing what will be a bit of a theme, sending herself up and her back-when-twenty-something antics, behind nightclubs in Wales from a self-confessed “not pregnant, I’m just fat” woman. It works – and it has the ladies in hysterics – I’m not quite sure the fellas knew what hit ‘em but boy were they laughing along with us, as Abi gave a vigorous and eye-wateringly funny demonstration of some of her exploits. A perfect blend of the risqué whilst teetering on the edge and still not managing to offend anyone – no cheap laughs here or gags at someone else’s expense. Instead this was a pitch-perfect performance from a deceptively clever woman who knows her comedy and what her audience likes; a comedienne who can do a whole other award-winning show: ‘Anglichanka’ – in Russian, very successfully, in Russia!

At a Friday night Bearcat on the brink of The Hanwell Hootie weekend, Abi Roberts brought the house down with her reminiscences of a not-so-distant youth and yes, even Mr Bobby Davro could be seen chuckling heartily, appreciating her comic observation and razor-like wit. He may have been the sell-out act they came to see but this night Abi Roberts shone. It is surely her time – and even Davro, with his years of comedic experience had the good grace to recognise her achievement, bringing her on at the end commending her to the audience – their rousing cheer said it all. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Abi Roberts. Catch her now, before she fulfils her fantasy and is rescued from Armenian drug-traffickers by Liam Neeson or better yet, filling the Hammersmith Apollo, where she surely deserves to be…Nostrovia!!

“A star in the making. Next Stop Hammersmith Apollo please!” ★★★★★  – Hannah Clive, #HCHQ

Nominated/Runner-up: Best Comedy Show – Funny Women Awards 2016

Nominated: Best Comedy Show – Buxton Comedy Festival 2016

Nominated: Best Comedy Performance – Buxton Comedy Festival 2016

Reviews from Edinburgh Fringe 2016 – Abi Roberts: Anglichanka:

★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
★★★★★ Edinburgh Fringe Review

★★★★★ Swindon Evening Advertiser

★★★★ Theatre Bath

★★★★ Three Weeks ★★★★ Fringebiscuit ★★★★ EFR Late
★★★★ TV Bomb ★★★★ Edinburgh Evening News ★★★★ The List


Twitter: @abiroberts

News about ANGLICHANKA here:


Terence Gibbons

Agent/Booker: Abi Roberts

T: 0771 243 6056

Review by Hannah Clive: Piano-man Marky Dawson Rocks Roof at Red Cow, Richmond!

#HCHQ Its been a while since I heard a proper pub sing song round a jo’anna and I didn’t realise how much I missed it ‘til I stumbled upon Mr Marky Dawson, literally rockin’ the roof off the joint at The Red Cow in Richmond tonight. A pub I haven’t frequented for many a year – but so glad I did. Picture the scene …
The Red Cow Public House, Richmond-Upon-Thames.

The Red Cow Public House, Richmond-Upon-Thames.

 …We have a classic Victorian pub with a mixed bunch of locals, young to old, round about 9:30pm of a Saturday night – well oiled, yet clearly only just getting warmed up! Well, they had the perfect maestro in the pocket-sized but perfect Marky Dawson whom I think I can safely say, didn’t miss a square inch of his piano tonight. MarkyDawsonChoosing a selection of classic tunes both new and old, that literally had the whole place swingin’ – rather like a gallant old sail boat, swaying slowly from side to side, en song and with gusto.

From Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny Be Good’, to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire’ – the solo of which Mark reduced to the last two keys of the top end left-handed, whilst standing up and drinking a pint – to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, to the Kinks, Van Morrison, beat-boxing Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’, to Kings of Leon – I swear there wasn’t one song this dude didn’t have down and with such energy.

With deceptively brilliant piano playing, the likes of which I have only ever heard tale of from grizzled old East End geezers in BBC 4 music documentaries – reminiscent of Mrs Mills, or the piano in The Beatles ‘Bull Dog’ – the music drifted out the pub doors, over some no-doubt startled posh rooftops and, as the entire pub joined in to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ this life-long Richmond-er smiled and thought – it’s been a while since this old boozer saw the likes of this…I swear I heard The Red Cow’s walls breathe a sigh of relief – and all from a man who couldn’t have been more than 22! Now where did he learn to play like that! More please.

Hannah gets 2nd Airing at BBC Introducing with Gary Crowley

Hannah’s track Kiss of Life receives its 2nd Airing at BBC Introducing with Gary Crowley:

“…That wouldn’t sound out of place on this radio station or radio 2 or any of the others as well, its a good song that, Hannah Clive on this Saturday night and a song entitled Kiss of Life, that’s the second airing here on BBC Introducing in London, again what do you think we’d love to know?…” – Gary Crowley, BBC Radio London & BBC Introducing in London.